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At we offer thousands of Free Smileys accurately categorized for your browsing convenience. We offer smiley's for MSN Messenger, AIM, AOL, and even for your forum, blog or website. If you find the smiley on this site, it is available for you to use for your web publishing needs.

Unlike other emoticon/smiley websites, our site is 100% free of Spyware, Adware and Viruses. We take a great deal of pride offering you a service you can trust. You will not find any popup's, popunder's, or hidden advertisements anywhere on this site. This is what makes us different from the other guys.

When browsing our collection, you will notice different links under each smiley. There are several ways of adding our smiley faces/signs to your forum, blog, or website. Once you highlight the code of your choice make sure to copy it by pressing (Ctrl + C) or by going up to (Edit > Copy) inside of Internet Explorer. Below is a breakdown of how our site is set up.

  • Click on the smiley - Simply click on any smiley and our site will copy the Direct Link to the smiley to your clipboard
  • Forum Link 1 & 2 - Different methods of inserting a smiley to your forum post
  • Hot Link - Simply paste the code to your website and it will automatically display the smiley where you want it
  • Direct Link - The direct link to the smiley to use as you wish